I have always been passionate about iPhones, Photography and Technology in general, over the last few years cameras being built into smartphones not just iPhones have got so good I rarely take out my DSLR camera and array of lenses, filters etc. Carrying an all in one device in my pocket is truly amazing and they are constantly evolving and getting better and better with each new release.

I remember several years ago going to Ballintoy Harbour on the Antrim Coast just for a day out to relax. I found a great photo opportunity of the boats in the harbour, the water was quite still so there wasn’t a lot of movement. I took out my iPhone and snapped a picture which I liked so shared it to my social media accounts.

A few days past and I receive a message on Facebook Messenger from someone who saw the shot and loved it and asked if I would sell him a framed copy. Being surprised at this question I said I would be happy to make a printed copy for him. I explained that it was shot on iPhone if he was happy to wait I would go back to the location with my DSLR and tripod and try and reproduce the shot again but no matter how many shots I took he preferred the original.

Ballintoy Harbour Aerial View – Photo Credited to Discover Northern Ireland

As someone who loves both Photography and iPhones I thought it would be a great way to help me relax and start enjoying the great outdoors more and keeping me active. To compliment this website I have created some social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube for any videos I do.

I really look forward to sharing my work with you all in the future, should you wish to send and comments or feedback you can use the contact link at the top and bottom of each page.

Happy Snapping!

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